5 Reasons Why Winter Is the Perfect Time to Repair or Replace Your Roof

5 Reasons Why Winter Is the Perfect Time to Repair or Replace Your Roof

Many of us typically believe that warmer months are the best time to contact roofers serving Greater Philadelphia. But the truth is, plenty of people come to us at C&C Family Roofing for winter repairs and replacements. Here are five reasons you should follow their lead and contact us today.


1. We don’t want you to freeze!

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and much of this revolves around your comfort level at home. Your roof is essential to moderating temperatures inside of your house, so don’t let a damaged or outdated roof skyrocket your energy bills. C&C knows how roofing materials and technology impact indoor temps, and we’re ready to get you started on the path to a toasty warm home. We’ve been the premier roofers serving Greater Philadelphia for more than 25 years, offering lifetime warranties and emergency service.


2. We love to beat the heat.

We admit that roofing can be tough work. It’s also dangerous, which is why you need a licensed, insured company with a wide range of experience. Yet often, roofing is no more dangerous in the winter than it is the summer. During warmer months, the temperature on a roof can be 30 degrees hotter than it is on the ground. Performing your repair during cooler months can be safer and more time-efficient, as well as help us preserve the integrity of certain materials.


3. We work year-round.

Does your job give you the winter off? If you call other roofing companies during the winter, you might not get an answer. But roofing, siding, windows, and gutters are a full-time commitment for us. We couldn’t imagine closing down for the season, especially since emergencies can be much more urgent when it’s freezing. We’ve only gathered the experience we have through working in all types of conditions – experience that requires us to be available to residents in Philadelphia and beyond whenever they need us.


4. We know what we’re doing.

It’s true; winter roof repair and replacement aren’t for every roofing company. But C&C Family Roofing knows all about how certain materials react in the cold weather, and how to mitigate specific risks associated with winter roof work. In fact, our extensive knowledge and promise to serve you has won us Angie’s List Super Service Award, as well as GAF’s Master Elite Awards in Consumer Protection, Training, and Installation Excellence. If you’re on the fence about winter roof work, let us show you the right way to get it done.


5. We want to save you money.

If you notice a leak or some other type of damage during winter, you might hold off on calling for a repair until it warms up. The trouble with this is that in the interim, the damage can worsen. That means you might be looking at a more costly repair. The solution can be found with C&C roofers serving Greater Philadelphia. Our repeat clients rely on us because they know they can save money by addressing problems right away, even if it’s cold outside

5 Reasons Why Winter Is the Perfect Time to Repair or Replace Your Roof

If you are looking for a roofing company near Southampton, C&C Family Roofing is ready to help you with your needs. Our President and owner, Gary Selleck, has been in the roofing business for over 40 years. When he started his own business many years ago, he wanted to make sure he paid tribute to his family Cole and Chelsey, which is why he named his company C&C Family Roofing. With every customer, C&C Family Roofing treats you like family. We offer the best service with affordable pricing and warranties to ensure our workmanship.