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      A roofer and a customer talking outside of a house.

      Clogged Gutters Sometimes Cause Roof Damage

      Today, real estate owners in Pennsylvania appreciate the importance of maintaining roofs in good repair. As a trusted roofing company serving Bucks County, C&C Family Roofing & Siding recommends keeping gutter and downspout systems in a clean condition. The buildup of debris may contribute to ice dams. This situation holds the potential to cause unnecessary roof damage.

      Roofs And Gutters Safeguard Your Realty Investment

      Both roofing and gutter systems help maintain dry, comfortable interiors. A sound roof won’t leak. It prevents rain and melting snow from penetrating indoors.

      Similarly, gutters and downspouts play a vital role in waterproofing man-made structures. This network of pipes helps channel run off away from a residence or a commercial building. The gutter system stops water from splattering around the perimeter of the building, and possibly pooling against the foundation. Too much run off in that location may result in dank, waterlogged basements or crawl spaces.

      Use These Systems to Stay Dry

      Ideally, rain, sleet, and melting snow travel from the rooftop into the gutters. This water then flows through downspouts, into desired run off channels leading away from the premises. Realty owners in Pennsylvania benefit by ensuring their roofing and gutter systems function seamlessly together.

      While most roofs require comparatively little maintenance (apart from periodic inspections), property owners do need to clean out gutters and downspouts from time to time. Falling leaves and blowing debris may collect in this location. If allowed to remain, this material sometimes contributes to clog formations. Our roofing company serving Bucks County frequently helps property owners evaluate the condition of roofing and gutter systems.

      Ice Dams And Roof Damage

      One problem often associated with clogged gutters sometimes proves expensive. This worst-case situation may even result in damage to a comparatively new roof. Remain alert to prevent ice dams.

      Unfortunately, the risk of ice dams increases when gutters clog. An “ice dam” happens when water run off freezes on the roof and forms chunks of ice around the eaves. This material may slip to the ground suddenly and injure people or pets. Ice may also accumulate on the roof, and eventually contribute to the development of leaks.

      Clean Gutters at Intervals

      For these reasons, we recommend obtaining periodic rooftop gutter cleaning services. This type of maintenance helps keep gutters in a more effective condition. It also may assist in preserving the anticipated useful lifespan of your roofing system.

      To contact a knowledgeable roofing company serving Bucks County for a roof and gutter inspection, simply contact us. Call 215-515-8003 to schedule an appointment. We’ll help you maintain your roof in excellent condition!