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      Can I Install a New Roof on My Home During the Winter?

      Winter is not the typical season most homeowners consider roof replacement, although many concerns can change that at any time. That leaves homeowners wondering if the frigid temperatures and haphazard winter weather allows the opportunity for the top roofer in Bucks County to correctly install a new roof on their home?

      Schedule roof replacement during the spring or fall when possible. Although roofers are busier during these seasons, the roofing job is easier and done in a fraction of the time with fewer concerns along the way. Summer weather suits roof installation, although extreme heat may disrupt the job.

      Winter roof installation is sometimes possible, depending on the temperatures outside and the chosen roofing material. Our top roofing company in Bucks County always work for our customer’s beset interest and will, when possible, install a new roof any time of the year. Even when the other guys cannot get the job done, our top roofers in Bucks County come to the rescue.

      Asphalt Shingles

      The most popular roofing material across the U.S., asphalt shingles offer complete protection against the elements, including strong winds and storms. But installation may not be suitable during the winter, depending on the temperatures. In cold weather, asphalt shingles become brittle and are hard to work with. Install asphalt shingles when outside temperatures reach this temperature or higher to the shingles maintain elasticity and properly form a seal.

      Clay & Concrete Tile

      Clay and concrete tile roofing come in tons of colors and profiles suitable to every homeowner. Each tile material is durable and long-lasting, although more expensive than asphalt shingles. Homeowners that want clay or concrete tile roofing can install it during the winter if they so choose. The material elasticity and durability make it the perfect year-round material that homeowners can trust to protect their home.

      EPDM/Flat Roofing

      Some flat roofing is suitable for year-round installation, like TPO. However, this does not ring true for all types of flat roofing, like the popular EPDM. This roofing material has similar qualities to asphalt shingles and becomes brittle and dry in cold conditions, so it fails to seal. If you need flat roof installation during the winter, your choices are limited.

      Need winter roof installation? Call our top roofers in Bucks County to request your free quote or to request further information about our services.