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      A roofer and a customer talking outside of a house.

      Roof Replacement Adds Curb Appeal

      Roof Replacement Adds Curb Appeal

      How to Prolong Your Roof’s LifespanHow to Prolong Your Roof’s Lifespan

      Roof replacement is definitely in the category of major home improvement projects. So, when it comes time to put a fresh shield of protection on your home time spent researching will go a long way.

      Several aspects of a roof replacement must be considered:

      • Roofing materials
      • Shingle color
      • Contractor to do the work

      Before your roof is replaced, you can begin preparing for the project. Protect your yard from damage while roofers are replacing the roof. A reputable contractor will maintain a tidy site, but it is a construction site and nature tends to blow things around.

      Most contractors will protect your shrubs, plants, and decking. Should they not, take steps to protect your yard.

      Below are a few more things to watch for when selecting roofing materials with roofing.

      Selecting the Perfect Roofing Materials

      Do consider various material options based on your budget and region. Consider also the look of the roof to maximize curb appeal. A contractor provides options for color and style for the area.

      Also, consider your location. If you’re new to the Pennsylvania or New Jersey area perhaps you aren’t familiar with the weather year round. Consulting a local contractor to help you select the correct roofing materials to be used is a great first step. A word of warning, however, in the next tip.

      Don’t go against your HOA’s regulations against certain materials, styles, or colors. Replacing a roof is certainly not as bad as replacing it twice!

      Lastly, think of the future. Select the desired look that will last through the years to again promote curb appeal.

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      Roof Replacement Adds Curb Appeal

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