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      A roofer and a customer talking outside of a house.

      Does Your Roof Need Help? Signs You Need a New Roof Soon

      Many homeowners dread roof replacement and the associated costs. Some companies will perform roof overlays, but it’s best to get your roof fully removed and replaced if you’re experiencing significant problems. While a few broken shingles don’t necessarily warrant a new roof, the more of these issues you notice, the more likely a roof replacement is in your near future.

      Moss or Algae Growth
      Green growth on your roof may look natural and inconsequential, but it’s actually a sign of a much deeper issue. Roofs that have darkly outlined shingles are harboring algae. This indicates moisture. Visible moss growing along the perimeter is another sign your roof is wetter than it should be.

      Leaking/Ceiling Stains
      A more obvious sign you’ll have trouble ignoring is leaks. Leaks may be clearly dripping through, or you may notice a faint stain on your ceiling.

      Another troubling sign is when your roof begins to slope or buckle in certain spots. Healthy roofs look even and straight from corner to corner. If a roofer examines your roof, they shouldn’t feel any sinking or ‘bounce’ as they walk across it. If they do, it’s a sign of water damage.

      Shingles Falling Off
      Sometimes shingle breakage or slipping is simply an indicator that your roof needs a quick patch job. But if your roof is older with many shingles loosening, this is typically a sign that a roof replacement is imminent.

      Curling Shingles
      Curling shingles are another sign of moisture buildup and poor ventilation. Stand outside in a spot where you can get the best view of your roof. See how many curling shingles you can spot. One or two may not be a big issue, but several curling shingles suggest that your roof is aging.

      Damaged Flashing
      If you look at your roof, you may notice thin metal strips strategically placed in certain areas. This is your flashing, and it exists to prevent water damage in vulnerable spots. Damaged flashing will look messy, eroded, or loose. Healthy flashing will appear sturdy and closely sealed to your roof.

      Your Roof is 20+ Years Old
      Of course, age is the best indicator of when your roof needs to be replaced. If you have a typical asphalt roof, it’s likely to last around 20 to 25 years. Other materials like wood, clay, or slate will last significantly longer.

      Putting off a roof replacement isn’t wise, as it can lead the deeper layers of your roof to become damaged, costing you more in the long run. Instead of pushing your roof to its limit and ignoring signs of wear, invest in a roof replacement now and save your home from more extensive repairs.

      Getting Ready to Replace Your Roof?
      Your roof keeps your family safe, and new roof installations need to be done by trained professionals.

      C&C Family Roofing and Siding has served Pennsylvania & New Jersey for over 25 years. If you have questions about roof replacement costs or want to learn more about residential or commercial roofing, we’re here to help.