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      A roofer and a customer talking outside of a house.

      Signs Your Roof Is Rotting

      Where would any of us be without a roof over our head? It may sound like something your mother would say, but it’s the truth. Without a sound ceiling we’d be in for a lot of unpleasant surprises. There are, however, a lot of things you can look for yourself to be sure your roof is in tip top shape. If you’re in need of a tune up though, you can always call C and C Family Roofing for any repair to damage or to fix any rot that may have occurred. 

      Is My Roof Moldy From Damage?

      Probably the most troublesome event to a residential roof is a storm or hurricane. Winds, precipitation and falling debris can wreak some serious havoc on your home. Mold is one of the most common things that can build up after a weather event. If you smell a musty odor – especially when it isn’t raining in your home, it’s a good idea to check the ceiling and outside roof for other damage that may have caused a water leak which has festered into mold. 

      Spots And Leaks Signal Impending Roof Repair

      Ceiling spots of any color, wet walls, peeling wallpaper, dripping water leaks can all be caused from a damaged roof. Don’t try to clean or repair these without considering the larger issue – you could have to do it all over again!

      Inspecting Your Roof For Deformations

      Obviously going on to your roof can be dangerous, so be smart about climbing up the old ladder to take a look. If you do though, be advised of these telltale signs. Damaged roof vent boots can also be a problem, look for cracked or broken seams or the rubber grommet around the pipe itself can be places of wear. Even the screws of the vent boot should have rubber washer fashioned around them to keep out any moisture seepage. Broken shingles are another thing to add to the observation list. They are an easy repair, but if left unattended can easily form a leak! Damage to your roof from hail or other storm conditions can tear the grain off the shingles allowing the sun’s ultraviolet rays to dry and crack the material underneath the granules. Be on the lookout for any of these signs. 

      Other Roof Damage Signs You Might Have Missed

      If the shingles and roof are in good shape, don’t forget these other important areas that may cause leaks in your home. Clogged soffits – these tubes vent air from your attic to the outside where it can dissipate. If any kind of debris, like leaf matter, becomes lodged inside, it could lead to a back up which results in a leak. Rusty gutters are another contentious factor. Use a wire brush to scrape away any oxidation to keep them in good shape. Missing gutter aprons can also be a problem if they allow water to dribble back towards the roof. 

      So now you know all the possible signs of roof damage to be aware of in your home or other building. If you encounter any of these signs of wear be sure to make an appointment with C and C Family Roofing to have it fixed quickly and as efficiently as possible.