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      When to Replace Your Home’s Roof, Gutters and Windows

      When to Replace Your Home’s Roof, Gutters and Windows

      Your home’s roof, gutters and windows all serve crucial functions in your abode. It is vital that you take time every once in a while to check out your house to make sure everything is still holding up fine. Any damage spotted needs to be corrected before it escalates into something much worse. You may also need to replace something simply because it has gotten too old and should be replaced before it causes problems.


      Most roofs are designed to last for about 20 years, but with advancements in roofing materials, some can last for 30, 40 or even 50 years. Some of the symptoms that your roof is about to fail entirely include:

      • Curled or cracked shingles
      • Leaks in several areas
      • Constantly requiring repairs
      • Missing shingles


      If you decide to replace your roofing, you should probably replace your gutters as well. However, your gutter system can also fail on its own completely independent of the roofing. Without proper maintenance, a gutter can rust or bend prematurely. Additionally, if you do not clean the system regularly, it can back up and damage the system or even your home’s siding.


      Windows do a lot more than simply allowing you to get a nice breeze inside your house when you want it. The glass can reflect UV rays and prevent premature wear to your furniture. Virtually every window will only last about 15 years, but you should check with your manufacturer’s warranty to see how long yours have left. Signs of window failure include drafts entering the home, cracked frames and difficulty operating.

      For the most part, you will not have to worry about replacing key structures all that often. If you do get worried, you can contact a contractor to inspect your house and see what needs to be replaced if anything. A new roof, windows and gutters can really enhance your home, so get them when required.

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