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The Benefits of a Local Roofing Company

Professional Roofers in Pennsylvania 

C&C Family Roofing is a family-owned company of professional roofers in Pennsylvania. In partnership with our team of contractors, we are committed to offering fast, reliable services to our clientele and high-quality products at competitive and affordable rates. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we pride ourselves on certified roofing services. Find out why you can rely on a local roofing company.

Faster Response Times

In many areas, natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes can be inevitable. Whenever they happen, they tend to cause significant damage to your property. Contact our professional roofers located in Pennsylvania at C&C Family Roofing for clients around Pennsylvania. Having a close roofing company ensures that the team of professionals gets there in record time. Our skillful team will get there in record time, negotiate for their pay, advise you accordingly on possible costs and set to work.

Local Knowledge

With close to 25 years of experience in the roofing industry, our adept team has the best knowledge of the most suitable roof for all properties. With our vast experience, we are very familiar with weather patterns and know the specific materials required for the mentioned condition. As a client, you might have a particular roof in mind. Our team will advise you accordingly to ensure you get service for your money. Compared to outsourcing roofing services, our company understands all your local needs and is here to serve you.

Understanding of Local Building Codes

Different states have different building codes. Your roofing contractor must understand the various laws that govern your locale; otherwise, you will be a victim of delayed services and overpayment, to name a few. At C&C Family Roofing, we offer the best professional roofers in Pennsylvania because we are familiar with all the needed building codes in the area.

Years of Experience

Our company has been in existence for over two decades. With our fundamental knowledge, we offer the best roofing experience. For years we have been able to work on demand and offer the best services. Roofing services are not the most accessible services to provide; however, from years of experience, our team put in extra effort to ensure the satisfaction of all our clients.

Personal Service

As the years progress, so does technological advancement. To save time and cut costs, most companies are beginning to embrace FAQS and automated chatbots. At C&C Family Roofing, however, we offer more personalized services. Our competent team is ready to pick up your calls and answer your questions in case you have questions.

Support The Local Economy

By hiring a local roofing company, you support the local community. A local company has the advantage of understanding the community’s needs; additionally, the locals have thoroughly vetted their services. Choosing to hire a local contractor leads to growth.

Contact C&C Family Roofing

All homeowners tend to put a lot of trust in roofing companies. It is only fitting that you choose a reliable, trustworthy company with experience. Contact the best professional roofers in Pennsylvania, C&C Family Roofing for more information.

Signs Your Roof Is Rotting

Where would any of us be without a roof over our head? It may sound like something your mother would say, but it’s the truth. Without a sound ceiling we’d be in for a lot of unpleasant surprises. There are, however, a lot of things you can look for yourself to be sure your roof is in tip top shape. If you’re in need of a tune up though, you can always call C and C Family Roofing for any repair to damage or to fix any rot that may have occurred. 

Is My Roof Moldy From Damage?

Probably the most troublesome event to a residential roof is a storm or hurricane. Winds, precipitation and falling debris can wreak some serious havoc on your home. Mold is one of the most common things that can build up after a weather event. If you smell a musty odor – especially when it isn’t raining in your home, it’s a good idea to check the ceiling and outside roof for other damage that may have caused a water leak which has festered into mold. 

Spots And Leaks Signal Impending Roof Repair

Ceiling spots of any color, wet walls, peeling wallpaper, dripping water leaks can all be caused from a damaged roof. Don’t try to clean or repair these without considering the larger issue – you could have to do it all over again!

Inspecting Your Roof For Deformations

Obviously going on to your roof can be dangerous, so be smart about climbing up the old ladder to take a look. If you do though, be advised of these telltale signs. Damaged roof vent boots can also be a problem, look for cracked or broken seams or the rubber grommet around the pipe itself can be places of wear. Even the screws of the vent boot should have rubber washer fashioned around them to keep out any moisture seepage. Broken shingles are another thing to add to the observation list. They are an easy repair, but if left unattended can easily form a leak! Damage to your roof from hail or other storm conditions can tear the grain off the shingles allowing the sun’s ultraviolet rays to dry and crack the material underneath the granules. Be on the lookout for any of these signs. 

Other Roof Damage Signs You Might Have Missed

If the shingles and roof are in good shape, don’t forget these other important areas that may cause leaks in your home. Clogged soffits – these tubes vent air from your attic to the outside where it can dissipate. If any kind of debris, like leaf matter, becomes lodged inside, it could lead to a back up which results in a leak. Rusty gutters are another contentious factor. Use a wire brush to scrape away any oxidation to keep them in good shape. Missing gutter aprons can also be a problem if they allow water to dribble back towards the roof. 

So now you know all the possible signs of roof damage to be aware of in your home or other building. If you encounter any of these signs of wear be sure to make an appointment with C and C Family Roofing to have it fixed quickly and as efficiently as possible. 

Different Types of Roofing Shingles

When it becomes time to replace the roof on your existing home, you have many options to choose from. Shingles are the most cost-effective and come in a variety of styles and colors to fit your needs. Understanding the different types of shingles will allow you to better determine which ones are best for your upcoming project with your local roofing company.

Strip Shingles

Also known as three-tab shingles, these are the most commonly used. They’re considered very basic and extremely affordable for the average homeowner. Strip shingles come in a single layer of asphalt. They’re available in many different colors ranging from black to green. Any local roofing company should be able to install these shingles fairly quickly.

Dimensional Shingles

Also known as laminate or architectural shingles, these are constructed with two or more layers of asphalt. This helps to create a multi-dimensional look. It can bring on the appearance of slate tile or wood shake roofing. This is a very popular option that is catching on across the country. 

Luxury Shingles

These high-end laminate shingles have a sophisticated design that adds much value and beauty to the exterior of your home. Luxury shingles offer enhanced protection from the elements because they weigh about three times more than your average strip shingle. They’re also slightly larger.

COOL Shingles

Any homeowner knows that air conditioning costs can run rampant in the summer months. Fortunately, COOL shingles provide an exceptional energy-efficient solution. These shingles are coated with solar-reflecting granules that decrease the amount of heat absorption through your roof.

Solar Shingles 

Most homeowners are familiar with solar panels that are placed atop the roof. However, a fairly newer option offered by your local roofing company is the solar shingle. This shingle can easily integrate with both asphalt and concrete tile shingles. They provide a smooth appearance that is more aesthetically pleasing than traditional solar panels.

Wood Shakes

Many years ago, shingles were made out of split pieces of wood. While there are many updated options today, some homeowners enjoy that traditional old-time look. Cedar shakes are the most commonly utilized wood for roofing in North America. These can be a bit more on the expensive side to both purchase and install. They also require more maintenance than other roofing materials. 

Clay Tiles

Clay tiles were most popular in the hotter regions of the country. This is because they help to keep homes cool during the hot and dry summer days. Clay is also fire-resistant. However, clay tiles are very heavy and prone to breakage. For this reason, they’re expensive to have installed and repaired.

Slate Tiles

Somewhat similar to clay tiles, slate tiles were traditionally common in other areas of the country where slate was more prominent than clay. These tiles are very heavy and expensive to have installed. They’re aesthetically pleasing and provide a unique look for any home. 

If you’re in need of a new roof, it’s time to contact C&C Roofing and Siding today to get the professional roofing assistance that you need!

What Are The Different Parts of a Residential Roof?

Your roof is an essential part of your home. Not only does it keep you warm and dry, but it also plays a crucial role in the overall appearance of your house. If you are thinking about replacing your roof or want to learn more about residential roofs, this blog post is for you. We will discuss the different parts of a typical residential roof and what each one does. We will also provide tips on maintaining your roof and prolonging its life by looking for the best local roofing company.

1) Roof Deck:
The roof deck is the part of the roof that you walk on. It is sturdy lumber and is usually covered with roofing material, such as asphalt shingles or metal roofing. The roof deck provides a solid surface for your roof to sit on and helps protect your home from the elements. Keeping the roof deck in good condition is essential, as it can suffer damage from water and weathering. If you have an older home with a wooden roof deck, be sure to check for signs of rot and decay. If necessary, repair or replace the roof deck before installing a new roof.

2) Roof Sheathing:
The roof sheathing is the layer of plywood or other material that sits directly on top of the roof deck. It provides a surface for your roofing material to attach to and helps keep the roof deck dry. The roof sheathing should be in good condition, with no cracks or holes, and adequately secured to the roof deck. If you are replacing your roof, make sure to replace the sheathing as well.

3) Roofing Material:
The roofing material is the layer of material that covers the roof deck and sheathing. There are many different types of roofing material, each with advantages and disadvantages. The most common roofing materials are asphalt shingles, metal roofing, and slate tiles. Be sure to choose a variety of roofing compatible with your climate and home architecture.
Tip: Keep your roof in good condition by regularly checking for damage and replacing any missing or damaged shingles. Also, make sure your gutters are clear so that water can clean drainage properly from the roof by looking for the best local roofing company.

4) Roof Ventilation:
One of the most critical but often overlooked parts of a roof is the ventilation system. A good ventilation system helps keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter. It also helps prevent moisture damage and ice dams. There are several different roof vents, each with advantages and disadvantages. Be sure to choose the type of vent best suited for your home and climate.

5) Roof Edge:
The roof edge is the part of the roof that extends beyond the walls of your home. It is important to properly seal and protect the roof edge, as it is susceptible to water damage and wind uplift. There are several different ways to seal and protect the roof edge, each with advantages and disadvantages. Choose the method that best suits your needs and budget.

Remember, an excellent residential roof should last for many years, so be sure to choose a quality roofing material and install it correctly. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact the best local roofing company. Thank you for reading!

Benefits of a “Cool Roof”

If you’re an owner of a home, it’s probably safe to say that you take pride in the look and condition of your property. And why wouldn’t you? After all, your house is where you spend time with family and friends. It’s where you create memories that last a lifetime. Nowadays, the number of money homeowners are willing to put into their homes has increased drastically, making it more important than ever to take care of a roof as well as gutters on your property. You can seek advice from your top local roofing company on how to take care of your gutters and roof. In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the benefits of a “Cool Roof.”

1) Lasts Longer
“Cool” roofs have been proven to last significantly longer than traditional “warm” roofs. This is because cool roofs which can easily be installed by any top local roofing company are made with materials that are more eco-friendly and resist warping, cracking, and fading. Heat causes most materials to expand, causing cracks and weakening the integrity of the actual material it’s made from. When a cool roof is installed, you can rest assured that it will be around for the long haul and will provide you with protection for many years to come.

2) Prevents Expensive Repairs and Maintenance
The cool roof market is booming because it is less susceptible to deterioration than traditional roofs. Cool roofs are also designed to withstand severe weather conditions such as wind, rain, and snow, making them essential to a home’s overall structural integrity. This is because cool roofing can be made up of more resistant materials than traditional materials, which means the roof will last longer when it comes to preventing damage from occurring. This can end up saving you thousands of dollars in the long run.

3) Energy Efficiency
One of the main benefits of cool roofs is preserving energy. The reflective properties that come with a cool roofing system reflect heat, which lowers air conditioning costs during the hot months of the year. This saves homeowners from dealing with higher utility bills and helps them save money on their gas bills.

4) Conserves Water
While cool roofs help conserve energy, they also help conserve water by reducing the amount of evaporation that occurs. This comes in handy during the dry summer months when homeowners might experience serious drought conditions. It is estimated that roughly 30% of household water consumption can be attributed to roof leaks. Cool roofs not only improve the overall look of your home but also help to conserve resources and protect your home from damage caused by harsh weather patterns.

5) Slashes the Cost of Insurance
When a homeowner has a cool roof installed by a top local roofing company, the insurance company will often agree to cover the expense of replacing their old roof with something more energy-efficient and long-lasting. This can save homeowners both time and money by avoiding delays in making repairs or paying out of pocket for costly repairs necessitated by problems that occur because of an aging roof. Insurance companies are motivated to provide more and better coverage to their customers, so as long as your roof is intact, you can count on your insurance company to cover the expenses if a hurricane or tornado causes serious damage.

In conclusion, there are many benefits to installing a cool roof on your home. It’s an investment that can save you a lot of money in the long run. Not only will it last longer and require minimal repairs and maintenance, but it will also help you save some cash on your monthly utility bill.

The Different Types of Asphalt Shingles

A majority of homes today have roofs with asphalt shingles because they’re one of the least expensive options and are easy to install. There are three major types of asphalt shingles that have a variety of unique benefits. Rely on a local roof repair company like C & C Family Roofing to help you determine the best type for your home.

Strip Shingles

This type of roofing is also commonly referred to as 3-tab shingles or strips. They’re the original design of asphalt shingles, typically made from a singular flat layer. They cost less than the other varieties and don’t weigh as much. This is the perfect option for homeowners who may already use strip shingles or who are looking for a sturdy, inexpensive option that won’t put too much weight on an older home.

Dimensional Shingles

This type of shingle is also called laminate or architectural shingles. This is a commonly used type of asphalt shingle that utilizes two or more layers of fused asphalt to create a thicker and more appealing surface. Dimensional shingles are designed to imitate the look of natural wood or slate roofs. This type of asphalt shingle is a little heavier than strip shingles but typically looks better and creates a more pleasing roof. Homeowners should consider this option if they want an attractive and sturdy roof that isn’t overly luxurious. 

Luxury Shingles

Luxury shingles offer the best quality and protection compared to other types of asphalt shingles. Luxury shingles give your home excellent protection from the weather and have a variety of enchanting appearance options. They’re made with premium products and give the home an elevated and stunning finish. A local roof repair company can appraise a home to determine if it can safely hold the weight of luxury shingles.

Benefits of Asphalt Roofing

A roof should be regularly maintained to ensure there are no loose shingles are rotted wood. Many homeowners decide to change their roofs when their old shingles begin to fail and patches aren’t enough. Asphalt shingles are an excellent choice for many homes, providing a clean, modern look that holds up in even the worst weather conditions. These shingles resist changing colors due to mold growth, can hold out against thundering rain or hail and resist the constant pressure of the sun’s heat. 

Asphalt shingles are fire-resistant and can help your insurance costs depending on your location and regular weather. Every homeowner can find a type of asphalt shingle that suits their needs and aesthetic preferences. Decide on a protective option like dimensional shingles that keep your home thoroughly protected over the years or add a new level of elegance with luxury shingles. Work with a local roof repair company to determine the best roofing option available. 

Contact a Professional

Rely on a professional to help you make informed roofing choices that benefit your home and family. Call C & C Family Roofing now for expert help and service.

What is the Difference Between Wood Shakes and Wood Shingles?

As humanity advances toward a high-tech future, many desire a simpler era for their roofing. Using wood shingles or wood shakes is a great way to add a natural touch to your home. Furthermore, they showcase an incredible effect. Wooden shingles and shakes are elegant and rustic, but their natural aesthetic is tasteful and elegant. Therefore, wood shakes offer a rugged look, each unique. Each shake is divided with a froe hammer.

In contrast, wood shingles are sleek and consistent. They are sawn on both sides and tapered using a machine. We offer impeccable services as the best roofers in Bucks County. Read on to comprehend the difference between wood shakes and wood shingles.


It’s simpler to install wooden shingles. They are flat on both sides, so they lie flush on the roof and neatly overlap shingles for a good seal. On the other hand, Wooden shakes have thicker butt ends, and their uneven surfaces prevent neat stacking. This exposes the shakers to wind-driven precipitation and debris. For the best roofers in Bucks County, our installers position layers of felt between each row of shakes to prevent water and waste, complicating installation.


Wood shakes have a thick textured look that provides a roof depth and character. The splitting process creates various grain patterns, ridges, and grooves. Moreover, wood shakes have a rough appearance, with each piece being unique. Wood shingles are smoother and flatter than asphalt shingles. In contrast, Wood shingles are popular as external siding because of their attractive homogeneous look. Weathered wood shingles are incredibly distinctive and gorgeous!

 Cost Variations

Irrespective of whether you choose shingles or shakes, the species, quality of cut, and treatments will affect cost. Shakes are often more costly than shingles. This is because they are thicker, require more material, and are more difficult for a roofing contractor to install. The complexity and pitch of your roof constitute typical cost concerns for roof replacement. A steeply sloping multi-story structure with chimneys and skylights will cost more than a simple one-story building.


A wood roof’s insulation, protection, and endurance depend on characteristics, including tree type, wood quality, and area climate. Wood shingles are thinner and less insulating than wood shakes. Cedar shingles may last 30 years or more when properly maintained, and cedar shakes between 40 and 50 years.

A roof’s performance is determined by the quality of its installation, not the materials used. Wooden shakes need felt interlayment between rows, making installation more difficult. Exposed felt will collect water after rain and hinder shakes from drying, while too little will not protect your roof from infiltration. The installer’s skill is more critical than shingles with a wooden shake roof since mistakes might be made.

Bottom line

 For many homeowners, the attractiveness of wood more than compensates for the disadvantages. If this mindset resonates with you, partner with us the best roofers in Bucks County reputable installers to extend the life of your wood roof’s enhancement. Call us today for your roofing services.

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