How to Prevent Roof Damages All Year Long

The home’s roof protects the interior from weather elements, wind, and other dangers. It’s strong and built to last, offering at least 20-years of home protection in most cases. However, the roof needs proper care or problems that may impact its lifetime and your wallet. Heed the advice of the top roofer in Delaware County and protect your roof with the following helpful tips.

Clean the Gutters

Clean the gutters at least twice per year. Some gutters may require more frequent cleanings. Consider using gutter guards for added protection. The gutter system helps collect water and move it away from the home, protecting the foundation. If the gutters are not cleaned, leaves, dirt, and other debris cause clogs that cause water pooling. This leads to various types of roofing damages.

Inspect the Roof

As a general rule, schedule two professional roof inspections per year. Roofers know what to look for during an inspection and give it an up-close and personal view that reveals even small signs of damage. Two inspections each year keep the roof in good condition and saves money since it reduces the risk of severe roof damage. Schedule a roof inspection with our top roofer in Delaware County and you’ll sleep with confidence and assurance each night.

Landscaping 101

Now there are more reasons to concentrate on the upkeep of the home’s exterior. Did you know that properly landscaped homes reduce the risk of roof damage? Trim trees to reduce the risk of damage to the roof after strong winds, storms, or other weather mishaps. Make sure trees, shrubbery, and other greeny sit at least 5-foot away from the home since this can lead to foundation damage. As a bonus, great landscaping adds curb appeal to the property.

Ventilate the Roof

Properly ventilating the roof reduces attic condensation that can lead to mold growth and many other types of damage. Venting the roof also minimizes ice dams. An ice dam is a type of ridge that forms when snow begins melting from the roof. The right prevents snow from draining off the roof. The water buildup can back up into the home and may also cause many problems to the roof. Vent the roof with exhaust fans or other equipment for greater wintertime protection.

The above tips help keep your roof in tip-top shape all year long. Need more roofing help? Call our top roofer in Delaware County at once!