Is Your Roofer a GAF Master Elite Contractor?

When you enlist the help of a roofer, you want to be sure that the roofing professional meets certain quality standards. Certification is often the best way to do this and carries additional benefits. For example, if you buy shingles, they may not be covered under the product warranty if not installed by a certified contractor. GAF is one type of certification, and in fact, only 3 percent of roofing professionals have achieved GAF Master Elite® certification.


Check on Your Roofer’s GAF Certification


On gaf.com, you can browse state listings and listings in Canada to find a GAF-certified contractor. Alternatively, if you are checking on someone’s credentials, the GAF website offers a validator tool. You can either input the contractor’s GAF identification number or phone number.

master elite status


How Roofers Obtain GAF Certification


It is often the best of the best who receive GAF certification. Roofers must meet four general criteria to achieve master elite status. They must have an enthusiasm for ongoing education, a good reputation, sufficient insurance for both their protection and yours, and correct licensure by their U.S. state or Canadian province. In exchange for hiring a certified contractor, you get trustworthy, proven and dependable work. You receive roofing work by a roofer who has been positively reviewed as an efficient professional by other people in your community.


Product Warranties


Manufacturers of roofing products often require that certified contractors perform installations for the warranties to be in effect. This is because GAF contractors have the education and training on current roofing methods and techniques. Manufacturers trust them to correctly install their products. Many considerations go into the roofing process, and if a non-certified contractor works on your roof, then products such as shingles, nails, crickets, vent caps and decking may not be covered. Likewise with delivery and dump fees.


It is always a good idea to work with GAF Master Elite® roofers. Check their credentials online, and rest assured that you stand to receive quality work.


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