Stucco Removal & Remediation

What You Need to Know About Stucco Removal & Remediation

Today’s homes can be built and designed in various types of ways. While each has it’s advantages and disadvantages it is important to know the differences. What is stucco? Basically, it is a plaster. Stucco siding is a popular option due to it’s durability against the sun and its ability to combat weather (in normal environments). It is also a great option because homeowners can choose to have it customized based on color and application (smooth, rough, patterned).

If you bought your home with stucco siding or had it installed by a stucco contractor and are noticing faults within the stucco itself, it may be time to call a professional. Once you decide to repair or replace stucco for your home, it is equally important to choose not just any installer, but the right installer. Why? The quality and longevity is only as good as its installers. Not sure who to choose? C&C Family Roofing is your best choice when it comes to stucco removal and remediation!

Stucco Repair vs. Stucco Remediation

Yes, there is a difference! Stucco repair and remediation are two different processes to correct any faults within your stucco siding. While repairs may be sufficient for re-sealing around windows, flashing and joints, remediation is ideal to ensure the structure and integrity of your home.

[table width =”100%” style =”” responsive =”false”]
[row_column]Typically a temporary repair, not a long-term solution[/row_column]
[row_column]Meant to fix the issue permanently[/row_column]
[row_column]Cheaper up-front cost[/row_column]
[row_column]Permanent solution requires bigger investment[/row_column]
[row_column]Simple fill and seal of cracks[/row_column]
[row_column]Involves removal of faulty/water damaged stucco, inspection & replacement[/row_column]

Why Choose Stucco?

Cost Effective

Stucco itself is very affordable form of siding. It’s the labor of applying the stucco to the home that actually adds to the bill and makes it comparable in cost to other siding options. Stucco takes skilled laborers, like those at C&C Family Roofing, to install or repair.

Strong Insulation

Stucco is thicker than many siding options due to its dense material that serves as a powerful insulator. Several layers are applied to the outside of the house by the end of the process, which will allow yoour home to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


Like most siding materials, stucco does require some maintenance to keep it in good shape. That means you’ll have to dedicate a bit of your time to the cause, but the level of maintenance required is very minimal. Taking a garden hose and spraying the stucco to remove and mold or dirt typically gets the job done. You don’t want to shoot the stucoo with a power washer as this will damage it and cause cracks and tears.


Why Choose C&C Family Roofing

Our team at C&C Family Roofing is dedicated to being the best at what we do. That is why we push our team to continue education in all areas of our business. As part of the training program, C&C Family Roofing is now:

  • Experienced – We are trained and certified
  • Tested – We are put through numerous hands-on tests to complete certification
  • Informed – We receive the latest product information to ensure we are up-to-date on any products or installation procedures
  • Trusted – We stand behind our work
  • Protected – Being your stucco removal & remediation contractor means you receive extended warranties on work

At C&C Family Roofing we use only what we believe are the best products in the industry at a price you can afford. Give C&C Family Roofing a call today for your FREE estimate! Serving Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Chester County, Berks County, Cherry Hill, Princeton, Marlton, Burlington and surrounding areas!

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