Do You Need a New Roof or Just a Repair in Willow Grove?

Roof Repair in Willow Grove

Do you need a roof repair in Willow Grove? It is always fairly apparent when something has gone wrong with your roof. The question then turns to whether you need a total replacement or just a repair. Speak with a professional who handles roofing and siding in Willow Grove to get some advice, but there are signs for you to determine on your own which course of action to take.

Storm Damage

After a storm has blown through town, you should hire someone to take a look at your roofing. Repairing any problems immediately is going to be feasible. However, if you wait for an extended period of time, then any damage is only going to get worse.


You should also be mindful of any leaks. While it seems simple enough to catch any water with pots and pans, that is not going to do you any good months down the road. One leak can be repaired simply. However, if multiple leaks are discovered within your roofing and siding in Willow Grove, then there is likely a structural issue at play that makes the entire roof unstable. That necessitates a replacement to fix entirely.


Another factor to consider when mulling repairs is the age of your roofing. If it was installed within the last few years, then repairs would be preferable. You should even be able to get them down under warranty. However, if your roof is several decades old, then a replacement would be better. The reason is that even if you repaired an old roof, it is not going to last much longer anyway, so it is better to get a new one now.

You should be capable of finding a professional in your area who can do both roofing replace and repair. During the consultation, the expert can examine the structure and offer a professional opinion. Although getting completely new roofing and siding in Willow Grove can cost more than repairs, sometimes it is the more cost-effective way to go in the long term.

Do You Need a New Roof or Just a Repair in Willow Grove?

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