Solar Roofs of the Future Are Here Now

Solar Roofs of the Future Are Here Now


Many people know Tesla for its electric cars, but fewer people know that solar roofs and Tesla also go hand-in-hand. The company has developed a system that builds solar cells into the structure of roof tiles, not into panels that go on rooftops. Here’s what you need to know about Tesla solar roofs:


  • Affordable in the long term
  • Guaranteed to last your house’s lifetime
  • Reliable even off-grid
  • Stylish


Worth the Investment


Some people worry about the initial cost of switching to solar energy, but the investment can save money in the long term. Tesla solar roofs are an especially good choice because the company offers an infinite tile warranty covering the lifetime of your house. Tesla is confident in the quality of its tiles, which are made of tempered glass over three times as strong as standard tiles.




Tesla solar roofs come in four varieties so you can express your unique style: textured, smooth, Tuscan or slate. Additionally, you can customize your roof by combining different amounts of two identical types of glass tiles, solar and non-solar. Finally, the Tesla system works for you, not the other way around, by offering a Powerball battery that converts solar energy to electricity even during grid outages.


There are many reasons why solar roofs and Tesla are an especially good pair. Whether or not your roofing needs involve solar energy, the key to getting the most value from your roof is hiring the best roofing installation and repair professionals in southeastern Pennsylvania.

Solar Roofs of the Future Are Here Now

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